Dublin star Brian Fenton admits regret over Covid-19 training breach in April

Brian Fenton Covid

An insight into Dublin’s Covid-19 training breach.

Dublin midfielder Brian Fenton has admitted that he and his teammates were wrong to go against public health advice earlier this year by holding a training session during the height of the Covid-19 restrictions.

Fenton and his Dublin teammates were on the front page of the Irish Independent following the incident, and despite initially thinking the reaction was excessive, he believed the reaction was just.

Dublin would later relinquish their hold on the Sam Maguire following the incident, losing to Mayo in a Croke Park classic.

The breach.

And speaking after the conclusion of the 2021 season, Fenton spoke about what he thought of the reaction to what happened.

“At the time I thought, ‘Jesus this is completely blown out of proportion’. That was my own inner narrative,” he told RTE.

“But in retrospect, we were completely wrong, with the way the country was and cases were at the time.

“It was certainly wrong of us and I think we felt the effects of that with Dessie’s suspension.”

Brian Fenton.

The result of it was a considerable reaction on social media, with Fenton admitting he was surprised by the reaction it got at the time

“It was new for me in terms of the exposure, the tweets and the negativity it caused. We were very sorry for that.

“You’re a GAA player and you’re on this pedestal and expected to behave the right way. It was spoken about, dealt with, and you try to park it again.

“At the time you probably got more stares than high fives. We’ll brush that aside hopefully and they’ll remember me for the footballer and not the front page of the Irish Independent.”

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