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Shane Dowling suggests scrapping the National League’s as club debate rumbles on

Shane Dowling

A different response.

Former Limerick All-Ireland winner Shane Dowling has suggested scrapping the Allianz National League’s, amid the ongoing club and county debate that is engulfing GAA circles.

Last weekend, Dónal Óg Cusack hit out at the schedule, claiming that inter-county action has taken a back seat due to the ‘populists’ forcing the GAA’s hand.

But writing in his column for RTE, Cusack suggested a total revamp for the current GAA calendar, with the club season lasting until the end of May, and the inter-county campaign ending in November.

“I know people are asking for drawn out inter-county campaigns, but why?..”

In starting the inter-county season later than usual, he claimed that he would rather part ways with the Allianz National League’s in order to do so.

Although, he did concede that it may not be financially viable to do so.

“I know people are asking for drawn out inter-county campaigns, but why?,” he wrote. “Previously, when it was straight knock-out teams may only have had one game, or two games when you got a second chance.

“Now, each team is getting many chances, and if you are not good enough after three and four goes, then you don’t deserve to be in the championship.

“I also appreciate that the club campaign runs longer than the inter-county in this format, but it always will anyway.

“The viewership and financial side of things runs around the inter-county as well, and maybe taking out the league campaigns isn’t a good thing to do but with a format like this I think most parties would be happy. Whether it would be financially viable is the next thing.”

Shane Dowling.

While Dowling’s plan may be scoffed at, it is unlikely to come to fruition any time soon.

But should it do, as unlikely as it sounds, it would cause quite the stir.

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