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You’ve Seen Messi’s Chip..But Have You Seen It In Super Slow-Mo??

Of course you’ve seen Messi’s second. That wonderful chip over the World’s greatest keeper. That ankle breaking twists of Boateng. But the whole thing get’s better in slow-mo.

Messi goal vs bayern at 1080p 50fps. Replay + Slowmotion edit. from decho on Vimeo.

The slow-mo doesn’t kick in till about 2:10 in to the video but by that point you’ll already have seen the goal a silly number of times.

Slow motion  and fifteen off replays is probably the only way mere mortals can fully understand the Messi-magic unfolding at any one time. But, unlike your standard magic tricks, seeing how it happens in slow motion doesn’t ruin it. It just makes it better and better and better.

Messi’s second took him to 77 Champions League goals, making him the single highest scoring player to have played in the competition. Of course, over the remaining fixtures and from next season on, he and Ronaldo will battle it out to claim that crown with only a goal separating both.

For fans like us all that means is more great goals to behold. But, forget what’s to come for a moment and even though you’ve already seen it, just take a moment to lap up such a significant and beautiful goal, just one last time.

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