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Arsenal Legend Blasts Emmanuel Adebayor And William Gallas For Treatment Of Wenger

Arsenal legend Ian Wright has blasted former Arsenal players Emmanuel Adebayor and William Gallas for their treatment of Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger during the duo’s time with the club.

In his new autobiography ‘Ian Wright: A Life In Football’, the 52-year-old takes aim at Adebayor and Gallas for taking liberties with Arsene Wenger during their time as players.

“The big problem with taking Arsene’s approach is that it isn’t difficult to take advantage of — it’s almost like having a parent you think is a bit soft and you know if you cry hard enough you’ll get a sweet,”

said Wright (via The Sun).

“Players that are strong characters have taken his kindness for weakness. In my view, players like Emmanuel Adebayor and William Gallas have taken liberties.

“When Adebayor arrived at Arsenal, he had everything. He came in just as Thierry Henry was getting ready to leave. It looked like the perfect transition.

“Then all of a sudden he wanted the same money as Thierry. For him to go off like he did and start flirting with Barcelona and Inter Milan was completely out of order.

“It was like holding the club to blackmail and it destroyed any relationship he had with the fans.”

SINGAPORE, MAY 13: Ian Wright, former Arsenal player, speaks during a Q&A at the Barclays office during the Barclays Asia Trophy 2015 Ticket Launch day 2 on May 13, 2015 in Singapore.  (Photo by Charles Pertwee/Getty Images for Barclays Asia Trophy)

Adebayor had a tempestuous relationship with Arsenal fans during his time as a player and the fracture relationship was exemplified by the Togolese striker’s controversial celebration towards Arsenal fans after scoring a goal against his former club during a Premier League game in 2009.

Adebayor ran the length of the pitch to celebrate right in front of Arsenal fans who he claimed abused him during the game, and in the ensuing months following his transfer to Manchester City in the summer of 2009.

“There is only so much abuse a man can take until he reaches breaking point,”

Adebayor told the Telegraph in 2009.

“I could not understand some of the Arsenal players being disrespectful towards me.

“I was being abused by people who six months ago were singing my name. The abuse was for no reason. It wasn’t my fault I left, it was Arsene who wanted to accept the offer for me. They were all clapping Kolo but they were shouting personal abuse at me before the match had even kicked off.

“People talk about us as being football players and the money we earn, but just because we are fortunate it does not mean we need to take abuse. If you were to abuse a man in the street for over an hour he would react and it would be a worse reaction than a goal celebration.”

LONDON - APRIL 04:  Emmanuel Adebayor and Cesc Fabregas of Arsenal celebrate their team's second goal scored by Adebayor during the Barclays Premier League match between Arsenal and Manchester City at Emirates Stadium on April 4, 2009 in London, England.  (Photo by Shaun Botterill/Getty Images)

Adebayor never quite secured a move to Barcelona or Inter Milan but he has become somewhat of a football mercenary, having represented seven different clubs over the course of his 15 year professional career.

The 32-year-old is currently a free agent after his lat contract with Crystal Palace expired over the summer.

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