Why Charlie Adam Is The Biggest #£$%&£R On The Face Of The Planet

In case you were wondering, there is a reason why there is a word missing from the headline…

In order to avoid landing ourselves with a case for libel, we have decided to thread very carefully with our wording in this one but, let’s just say that, here in Pundit HQ, we’re not very fond of Charlie Adam.

First of all, there’s the fact that he seems to, on occasion, be slightly inconsiderate of his opponent’s safety when challenging for the ball.


Just a word of warning before you watch this one… it’s not for the squeamish.


Aside from his marvelous tacking technique however, Adam took another step into the world of #£$%&£R land today when he decided to, for no understandable reason, cost his teammate a decent chance of winning the goal of the season award.

Xherdan Shaqiri scored a goal against Everton last weekend that was so magnificent, it was hard to comprehend on first viewing.


As is often the case with goals of such extraordinary brilliance, many began to question whether the former Bayern Munich man actually meant to execute what he did at the moment in question or whether it was entirely by fluke.

Normally, when this question is raised, players will always state that they meant to do what they did in order to maintain the illusion of the somewhat ingenious finish.

Take a look at the two finishes from Ronalinho and (somewhat bizarrely) Tom Cleverley, in the clips below.

In both of the above, questions were raised as to whether the two finishers actually intended to cross the ball rather than stick it in the net. In Cleverley’s case, he is seen shouting at his team mates ‘I meant it!’ as they celebrate together as he knows that a mishit cross would entirely ruin the brilliance of the goal.

In essence, the intention of the strike determines the quality of the finish. For Shaqiri, the goal against Everton would be ruined if he was to state that it was, in actual fact, an accident.

On Match of the Day last weekend, the question was raised as to whether the Swiss international actually meant to do what he did.

However, after all that, the #£$%&£R that is Charlie Adam decided that he would completely ruin the fun for all while speaking with TalkSport.

No, no way he meant it, I asked him after the game and he said he was trying to cross it for Marko [Arnautovic] in the middle and it was lucky.

“It looks a great finish but I’m delighted for him because over the last few weeks he’s been playing well but just needing the goals and he got two there at the weekend.

“So that’ll settle him down now and he’ll look forward to the rest of the season and hopefully he’ll get a few more and a few assists.”

You’re ‘delighted’ for him. Guess that’s why you decided to completely eviscerate his chance of winning the goal of the season award then… #£$%&£R

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