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What Would Manchester United’s Best XI Look Like With Ronaldo Back At Old Trafford?

What would a Manchester United XI look like if they actually completed the resigning of Cristiano Ronaldo?

On Sunday afternoon, quotes from Louis van Gaal got the footballing world giddy with excitement over the possibility that Cristiano Ronaldo could return to Old Trafford.

As stories also broke claiming Gareth Bale’s agent was pushing him to sign for the Red Devils, ‘Fletch and Sav’ quizzed their guests on BT Sport about who would be a better acquisition for Manchester United; Cristiano Ronaldo or Gareth Bale.

Although Bale is significantly younger than his Portuguese counterpart, there is still no doubting who would be the more valuable signing. Putting aside Ronaldo’s absurdly superior statistical contribution, the Ballon d’Or winner also brings incomparable revenue generating potential in terms of jersey sales and general marketability.

For United, two or three seasons with Cristiano running at the Stretford End again is unquestionably more valuable than Bale doing it for six. Don’t get us wrong, Bale is a very good player, but he is not even in the same realm in terms of talent when it comes to the freak that is Cristiano Ronaldo.

To illustrate the point, Bale scored a combined total of 39 goals in his first two seasons at the Bernabeu. Nothing to scoff at of course, however in the same period and at the same age, Ronaldo scored 86.

Putting aside the argument about who would be a better signing for the club, we started to wonder where exactly would Ronaldo fit in Louis van Gaal’s side and what would that Manchester United XI look like?

Although many have already suggested that Ronaldo should play through the centre were he to return to Old Trafford, it seems that the Iron Tulip is still obsessed with the idea of acquiring ‘pacy wingers’ and with this in mind, we can’t see Cristy slotting in anywhere but on the wide left.

Check out United’s potential best XI with the reintroduction of the phenomenal talent below.

United XI with Ronaldo

Of course, there is an argument to be made based on the weekend’s performance that Memphis should be included in the side and that Mata would function better in a more central role. However, given Van Gaal’s inclination to shift Mata out onto the right, this seems the most likely scenario.

Some have commented in recent times that Rooney’s future lies in a more deep lying central role, and if this was to be the case, it would allow Mata to shift into the pocket and free up the right wing for Depay to get back in the side. That option excited us to no end. However, we still feel that option 1 is a far more likely Van Gaal approach.

United XI Option 2

Either way, if United actually get this deal done, it doesn’t really matter how they line up… exciting times will simply be sure to follow.

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