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Watch: Three Separate Clips Prove Arsenal Nemises Mike Dean Is A Spurs Fan

This is actually genuinely concerning…

Last month, a petition took off online to prevent Mike Dean from ever officiating an Arsenal match again. It all seemed like fun and jokes until a legitimate maths professor undertook a full statistical analysis of Mike Dean’s impact on Arsenal matches when compared to other Premier League referees.

The conclusion that the professor’s study came to was that Mike Dean, as an official, can statistically be labeled a ‘significant predictor’ when he enters the equation of an Arsenal match. Simply put, Arsenal’s chances of victory ‘significantly decrease’ when Mr. Dean is present.

The study went viral online, it took off on a few blogs and then it was forgotten. Despite the fact that an actual petition against the referee ever officiating an Arsenal clash again received over 100,000 signatures (making the subject viable for discussion in the House of Commons) it has all been brushed under the rug and without doubt, Dean will referee another Gunners match in the weeks or months ahead.

Something seems very wrong about this. The numbers simply do not add up when it comes to Dean’s performances in Arsenal games and last night, the truth seems to have finally reared its ugly little head.

After Moussa Dembele scored for Tottenham in the third minute of their clash with Aston Villa on Monday evening, Mike Dean can quite clearly be seen celebrating the goal.

Perhaps one could state that his behavior is just strange rather than a stone wall gesture of joy, but when paired with the other two clips that follow, it seems pretty much irrefutable… Mike Dean actually supports Spurs.

Check out the somewhat disturbing footage below.

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Author: The PA Team

This article was written by a member of The PA Team.