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Watch: Simone Zaza Goes To Extreme Lengths To Win A Free-Kick

While most football fans would like diving to be eliminated, it’s proving to be a constant in the modern game.

Simulation is always of huge annoyance to supporters, particularly when the decision goes against their side.

However, every once in a while somebody comes along to take things to a new extreme. Step forward Italian striker Simone Zaza.

On hearing the name Zaza, most will think back to Italy’s departure from Euro 2016 and the 26-year-old’s strange run-up for his penalty against Germany, which was, of course, saved.

The Valencia attacker has now gifted us with a new clip to exploit for new memes and gifs.

Some forms of diving are extremely innovative, even if they are completely frowned upon in the game, but when these attempts at deceiving the referee go wrong they are rather embarrassing for the player in question.

Have a look at Zaza’s hilarious, yet disgraceful, attempt to win a free this weekend against Sevilla below.

With people beginning to forget about that horrible penalty he took two years ago, Zaza could have done without the bad publicity. 

Just in case you’ve forgotten, here’s a reminder:

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Author: The PA Team

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