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Watch: Jamie Carragher’s Excellent Analysis of That Jamie Vardy Dive

The biggest football news of the week is without doubt the highly divisive, polarizing incident on Sunday afternoon.

In case you’ve been living under a rock for the past few days, here’s what happened. With Leicester a goal up on sixth placed West Ham, Jamie Vardy raced through on goal, he went to ground with Hammers defender Angelo Ogbonna in close pursuit. Referee Jon Moss adjudged him to be guilty of simulation and cautioned him for a second time, dismissing the striker.

Since the incident, the footballing world has been split into not very distinct categories. Some say penalty, others say dive, others say something in between. Twitter was awash with strong opinions from all sides.

On Sky’s Monday Night Football, Jamie Carragher delivered the first sensible piece since the incident. He correctly defended Moss’s decision and complimented his positioning.

Being a referee myself, this kind of analysis is refreshing. The media, the English based publications, in particular are quick to berate a referee for his decision without taking the time to realise the subtleties of his performance.

Some have had the gall to suggest that Moss was too far away. Please think about that for a second. He’s trying to catch up with Jamie Vardy, one of the Premier League’s fastest strikers, all the while maintaining the utmost concentration in case a foul is committed.

He then has to make a top referee’s most difficult decision. He has to judge between not just a dive or a penalty but contact with the ball, degree of contact, point of contact, initiation of contact, possibility of goal scoring opportunity. All at full pace with thousands of fans who only want one decision.

He had football’s most difficult job and he then has to put up with abhorrent abuse from Vardy. Who’d be a referee?

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Author: The PA Team

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