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Watch: Gary Neville & Jamie Carragher Explain Why Arsenal Fans Are Right To Be Angry

After Arsenal suffered a 4-3 defeat to Liverpool on Sunday, the fury among the club’s supporters once again reached new heights. 

Arsenal fans have been calling on the club to sign a top class striker for several years now. However, despite their protestations, another summer window seems to be reaching its conclusion with the board and manager failing to act.

The transfer window opened with the club also clearly in need of defensive reinforcement and, although Rob Holding was signed from Bolton, the experienced centre back the side so desperately need, has still not been signed.

Speaking about Arsenal’s failings this summer, Jamie Carragher and Gary Neville stated that the frustration at the Emirates was understandable. Carragher in particular elaborated on the anger among Arsenal fans explaining why something is just not right at the club.

“At the start of every season, I think every set of supporters, every club should go in with optimism, belief, hope that something will happen. Doesn’t happen for every team. Of course it doesn’t, it can’t. But Arsenal, year in, year out, go in to a season, sort of deflated. Their supporters seem down. Everyone is just flat. And it’s gonna be the same again…

It looks like they’re going to buy a centre back from Valencia but, why was that not done two months ago? Somethings not right there within that stadium, within the crowd. Between the players on the pitch, the manager.”

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