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Watch: Garth Crooks Doesn’t Hold Back On Mike Dean After Gabriel Red Card

Wow, we haven’t seen Garth Crooks this riled up in quite sometime. Bloody brilliant to see Garth show some passion and some incredibly smart opinion too.

Pretty hard to argue with Garth Crooks here. The BBC pundit eviscerates Mike Dean after the Gabriel red card. He’s really getting angry isn’t he? But it’s all true. Players like Diego Costa are allowed to act the way they do because too often they aren’t treated like grown-ups. If you treat them like kids, you’ll get petulant reactions from all involved.

Gabriel was stupid, Costa was worse. But Mike Dean and Mike Dean alone, ruined that match. A show piece for the Premier League, ruined by what Garth Crooks perceived to be the egotistical whims of a referee.

It’ll be interesting to see how this unfolds. Dean is surely set to come in for a whole lot more criticism as the dust settles and Arsene Wenger has already voiced his obvious dissatisfaction. Whether the FA makes any comments will be telling. If it’s all silent from The FA, Dean is going to be feeling pretty isolated.


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