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Watch: Carragher & Neville On Whether To Sack Brendan Rodgers

How do you solve a problem like Brendan Rodgers? Jamie Carragher and Gary Neville seem a bit torn on the decision. 

The question isn’t as simple as should Brendan Rodgers be the Liverpool manager or not? The question is, what kind of a club are Liverpool. Neville raises the issue and the video ends quickly after, but it’s the real pertinent question here.

If Liverpool are willing to accept their place in the new world order, not that there’s much new about it, then Rodgers is a suitable candidate. Granted their start has been lack lustre, but a team aiming for a top six finish should be given more time to get going.

But, if they want to rage against what people perceive as their inability to compete, Rodgers should have gone last summer. The points by Carragher that it doesn’t make much sense to replace him now, given what he’s spent are certainly valid. But do Liverpool even know what they want as a club, it’s hard to know.

If they want to really scrap it out for some cup competitions and a Champions League spot, the man they need has his feet up on a sofa somewhere in Germany, Klopp has to be the answer. If not, then why waste money or time on false hopes and expectations. Rodgers is a good manager, not a great manager but a sufficient one at the least.

Brendan Rodgers’ time at Liverpool is what you would call a ‘sunk cost’. For Liverpool it’s gone, money and time spent they can never get back, some has been good and some, bad. What they must focus on is not what they’ve spent, but how they plan to spend this season and the next and the next. Only then will they know what kind of a club they are.




Author: The PA Team

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