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Watch: Benfica Players Celebrate Title Win By Bringing Moped Into Dressing Room

Benfica are no strangers to league titles in Portugal. On Saturday night they secured their 36th, the Portuguese record, and their fourth on the trot.

The novelty of winning certainly isn’t wearing thin for them, however. Their celebrations from 2013/14 were a sight to behold, and more akin to Saruman sending the Uruk-Hai to war than fans celebrating a league win. Either way, they know how to celebrate success.

Our focus this weekend was centred on Chelsea inevitably clinching the Premier League title with games to spare on Friday night at West Brom. With renowned madmen Antonio Conte and Diego Costa on board, Chelsea’s celebrations were always primed to be exuberant.

Naturally, those in question didn’t disappoint. Conte was showered in champagne and gleefully chugged on a bottle of bubbly, while Costa butt-slapped, gyrated and humped his way around the dressing room. If it was anyone else that may cause alarm… but it’s Costa.

While Chelsea certainly didn’t hold back in their revelry, their antics didn’t quite live up to Benfica’s celebrations.

Hopefully, drink-driving laws in Portugal don’t extend to dressing rooms.

This fan’s video of the festivities is also worth a look. The supporters’ passion certainly isn’t diminished by success just yet in Portugal.

Noel Ryan, Pundit Arena

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Author: The PA Team

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