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Video: This Is Categorically The Most Bizarre Own Goal Of All Time

Tahiti are certainly not known for being a football super power. With a football federation that was only established in 1952, they wouldn’t even be considered a second tier footballing nation.

With a current world ranking of 196, it’s clear they won’t be winning the World Cup this side of forever.

During the Confederations Cup of 2013, the small island nation made headlines for being on the receiving end of a 10-0 drubbing by then European and world champions Spain, a record-equalling defeat they had previously suffered at the hands of New Zealand some nine years previously.

To emphasise the gulf in quality between Tahiti and more established footballing nations, that same 2013 tournament saw them lose 8-0 to Uruguay and 6-1 to Nigeria – their best result.

Now, however, it seems the footballing nation of Tahiti has finally found fame, albeit for perhaps not the greatest reason. Hapless goalkeeper Mickael Roche, who presided over their dismal 2013 Confederations Cup adventure, has now only gone and scored one of the strangest own goals you’ll ever see. The only problem is that he scored it in his own goal.

During a recent match, Roche receives the ball at the end line, just inside his own box. Under no pressure he proceeded to make a mess of his pass out to one of his defenders and somehow manages to score an own goal from the tightest angle possible.

Video Credit: Felexe HD


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