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Video: The Story Behind Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s New Tattoos

Another wonderful goal by Zlatan Ibrahimovic this weekend. But this time, there was some wonderful meaning to the Swede’s understated but poignant celebration. 


Zlatan Ibrahimovic scored again this weekend. Hardly surprising. And what a goal it was too, literally kung-fu kicking the ball in to the net. But it was his celebration that was more special than the goal. Zlatan removed his shirt to reveal fifty names he had temporarily tattooed on to his body.

The celebration and tattoos were part of a campaign Ibrahimovic and the United Nations’ World Food Programme have put together to raise awareness for the 805 million suffering from Hunger worldwide.

Any worry that Zlatan Ibrahimovic wouldn’t score were put to bed after all of one minute. Check out the video where Zlatan explains the tattoos and if you want to donate, check the link below.


If you are interested in donating, simply follow the link here to do so:

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Author: The PA Team

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