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Tweet: ‘Football Manager’ Game Leaves Andros Townsend’s Girlfriend Very Confused

The model learns a valuable lesson in why you shouldn’t trust everything you see on twitter. Andros Townsend meanwhile, finds it hilarious. 

Don’t believe everything you see on the internet Hazel. After scrolling through Twitter, poor Ms O’Sullivan must have been pretty shocked to find out her boyfriend had skipped training and had been fined. That’s big news for a Premier League player and not something they’d do lightly.

What could have caused this? Andros didn’t mention it, where was he? Why have they fined him? What’s going on! Somebody think of the children! All thoughts we assume must have passed through her head. Best to send a quick to text to Andros to clear things up.

Except Andros Townsend hadn’t skipped training. Hazel O’Sullivan had been ‘Football Manager-ed’ for want of a better term.

We know games are getting more realistic, but confusing a player’s girlfriend? We didn’t think we’d be seeing that until at least the Playstation 5. Nacer Chadli, Townsend’s Tottenham teammate is a spokesman for the game, so we’re now waiting for him to jump in to the action.  Please Nacer, don’t disappoint.

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Author: The PA Team

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