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Fernando Torres Reveals His Anguish Over Infamous Gerrard Slip Against Chelsea

Fernando Torres may be unloved by certain sections of the Liverpool supporters after the way left for Chelsea, but he still holds the club close to his heart after spending four years of his career at Anfield before the doomed move to their London rivals. 

As quoted on the BBC’s Football Focus show (via the Independent), the Atletico Madrid striker has spoken about the club and his admiration for his former captain Steven Gerrard.

Although Torres was part of the Chelsea side and was on the pitch at Anfield when Jose Mourinho’s men beat Liverpool to put a huge dent in their title ambitions, the Spain international claims he was upset to witness Gerrard slip and for the consequences of that unfortunate incident.

“I felt so sorry for Stevie.

“We didn’t have chances to win the Premier League and Liverpool were so close.

“And I know how important it is for Liverpool to win the Premier League after so many years and it was so unfair for Stevie.

“He was the person who really deserved to win the Premier League, but that’s football. In one second everything changed.”

The 33-year-old goes on to proclaim his love for Gerrard and how he adored his time at Anfield, working with a player he greatly admires, and rates as the best he has played with despite being fortunate enough to have featured in international sides alongside the likes of Xavi and Andres Iniesta.

“He is everything I needed on the pitch altogether in one player.

“I was a big fan of Stevie before I went to Liverpool but playing with him was much better than I was expecting.

“It was amazing, by far the best player I played with and I would pay to play with him again.”

Damien McEvoy, Pundit Arena

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