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Thiago Silva Claims PSG Are Bigger Than Man Utd… Here’s Why Everyone’s Laughing

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It seems Thiago Silva has been taking some crazy pills…

When it comes to assessing the biggest club in world football, things can get a little subjective. Does ‘biggest’ mean the club that makes the most money or the club that has the most fans? Does ‘biggest’ mean the club that has the highest weekly attendance or the club that sells the most shirts?

It all seems a bit silly to us here at Pundit Arena HQ and to be frank, we don’t really care. We love Real Oviedo and that’s that.

However, putting aside the varying arguments when it comes to why Real Madrid are bigger than Manchester United or why Bayern Munich are bigger than Barcelona, one club that certainly falls outside the realms of the argument are Paris Saint-Germain.

Speaking to the press this week on Angel Di Maria’s proposed transfer to Paris, Thiago Silva declared that the Argentine international was joining a ‘bigger club’… awkward.

Historically speaking, Manchester United have won the league 20 times and the European Cup/Champions League three times. That’s not even mentioning the Club World Cup or the UEFA Cup.

PSG on the other hand have won Ligue 1, an undoubtedly lesser competition, on just five occasions while their only European trophy was winning the Cup Winners’ Cup… back in 1996.

If one was to look up any actual statistics when it comes to jersey sales, a solid indicator of a club’s global fan base, they would find PSG falling well short of their Manchester rivals.

Taken from a period between 2009/10 to 2013/14, the BBC produced the following table outlining the top ten clubs according to shirt sales per season.

Shirt Sales

As is evident in the graphic above, PSG fall just a tad short of The Red Devils… and by a tad, we mean they sell approximately one jersey for every five sold by United.

When it clubs to annual revenue, 2013/1014 figures for Manchester United put them second in the world on €518m while PSG are fifth with €474m.

In terms of average attendance per league game, PSG have approximately 45,420 spectators. United on the other hand have 75,335. We’re beating on a dead dog here…

But to hell with the silly old facts, Brazilian defender Thiago Silva has had the following to say:

People now need to respect PSG as one of the big clubs in Europe. Real Madrid and Barcelona are probably on another level, but after that if you join PSG you are you probably taking a step up.

We went further than any English clubs in Europe last year.

Oh right…

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