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The Hilarious Advert Nike Released The Day Sol Campbell Signed From Spurs To Arsenal

Yesterday marked the 14th anniversary of Sol Campbell’s move to Arsenal on a free transfer from arch rivals Tottenham Hotspur. The occasion was not lost on Nike.

At first it looks like a simple map, but no look closer. Look at the caption in the bottom right damn it!

Notice the caption on the bottom? ‘The quickest route into Europe’. Nike were making jokes about Spurs finishing below Arsenal, before it was properly a joke. That is some next level trolling right there from the Gunners and their then sponsor.

Of course fourteen years on, the caption is truer than ever. But Arsenal have experienced the pain of losing a star and fan favourite, even a captain, to a rival team just as much as Spurs have now. Guess in some respect the teams are even. But not in the ‘who got in to Europe more’ standings, no Arsenal are decidedly ahead on that one.

This was the reaction upon Sol Campbell’s first match back to White Hart Lane. This was one of the first truly contentious moves of the Premier League era. Nowadays, it’s just given these things will happen. But at the time, this was a BIG deal.



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