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Tear-Jerking Video Shows What Happens When Kids Meet Their Football Heroes

Football is a funny old game…

In fact, in many cases, football is far more than just a game. It does something to us. It draws something out of us so strong that it is not uncommon to see grown men reduced to tears over a simple loss. Just take a look at this City fan for example.

We’re not saying there’s anything wrong with that. In actual fact, we’re saying the absolute opposite. Football is special and the real beauty of it lies in the emotional reaction that the game can draw out of its most loyal fans… none more so than children.

For kids, footballers are more than men, they are superstars, idols, almost gods. A number of weeks back, a video went viral showing a young mascot reacting to seeing Wayne Rooney before a Manchester United clash with Swansea.

It was a heartwarming clip and perhaps following that vein, the excellent FootbOlé have released the following clip showing a whole heap of young fans reacting to seeing their favourite stars.

Along with the clip, we’ve also included a longer version of the snippet where Falcao meets his young fan to highlight perhaps the most heartwarming aspect of it all… footballers don’t just make their fans cry. Sometimes, fans can make footballers cry too.

Oh what a game. Check out the two incredible clips below.

When Kids Meet Their Futbol IdolsIf you’re a football fan this might make you cry a little.For more great futbol viral videos –> FootbOlé

Posted by FootbOlé on Wednesday, October 21, 2015

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