Support For Liverpool Fans Grows As Ex-Reds Manager Backs Ticket Protest

By walking out of Anfield early en masse on Saturday, Liverpool fans appeared to have reignited a broad conversation in relation to ticket prices in the Premier League.

The walk-out, estimated to have been roughly 10,000 people, has garnered almost universal praise from those surrounding both Liverpool and English football as a whole.

Former Liverpool boss Roy Evans added his support to those protesting before the weekend’s 2-2 draw at home to Sunderland:

Speaking to Talksport on Tuesday, Evans elaborated on his point by hailing the fans who walked out and urged the Liverpool owners to reconsider their plans:

“The fans’ protest was fantastic. They did it the right way. Vocally it was brilliant and the walkout was done in a very positive way without any hassle.

“I understand, of course, that there has got to be revenue…But at the end of the day you can’t keep putting that load on to the fans.

“Clubs say we have got these things we do for young kids, for the disabled and people that can’t afford it or whatever, but it has got to be across the board so everybody can afford to watch the great game we have loved for years.”

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Evans joins former Reds defender Jamie Carragher in backing the fans’ stance. Carragher used his column in the Daily Mail this morning to illustrate why he felt he had to join the supporters in leaving Anfield early:

“You want to be proud of your club. You chose them and stick with them through thick and thin. If Marks and Spencer’s increase their prices, you can shop somewhere else but when your team does it, you are obliged to stick with them.

“That’s what people need to understand about the walkout at Anfield. It wasn’t just Liverpool fans sticking up for themselves, it was Liverpool fans saying ‘enough is enough’ for every supporter across the land.”

With more protests apparently planned, it looks as though this movement is gaining some traction.

With Liverpool owners FSG set to review the situation in the near future in the wake of the size of the protest, it is hoped that the actions of these fans may yet have the desired effect – not just for Liverpool, but for English football in general.


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