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Stats Don’t Lie: Charlie Austin vs Harry Kane

We compare the statistics of two of the Premier League’s hottest strikers this season. All the fanfare has seemed to follow Tottenham’s Harry Kane, but just how far behind is the QPR man?

It’s been a whirlwind season for young English striker Harry Kane and an international call up has rightly followed in line with his exceptional form. With 19 goals in the league this season and 29 in all competitions, the Spurs front man is currently one of the leading goal scorers across Europe’s top 5 leagues.

However, there is another young English forward who is having quite a phenomenal season; 25-year-old, Charlie Austin.

Since signing for Swindon town in 2009, Austin’s goal scoring records have been consistently impressive. The striker has hit a 1 in 2 ratio (goals/matches) or better for every club he has represented since moving up from non-league side Poole Town in 2009. There, by the way, his record was better than 1 in 1 as he netted 48 goals in 42 appearances.

For Swindon, the English forward finished 31 goals in 51 appearances. For Burnley, the figure was 41 in 82 and now, since moving to QPR, Austin has 34 goals in 59 appearances. The stats certainly don’t lie and in Austin’s case, they have been consistently impressive.

According to many in the press however, Austin doesn’t come near the currently untouchable Harry Kane. So, taking this season alone into account, we decided to step back, crunch the numbers and see how much really separates the two front men.

As always, bias aside, the stats don’t lie.



As these stats only take league form into account, Kane currently leads the way with 19 goals to Austin’s 17.

One could argue however that Austin has hit his figure with a far less gifted squad of players supplying him. According to, Tottenham’s squad is currently valued at over €260 million while QPR’s ensemble is valued at just over a third of that.

Winner: Harry Kane


Austin’s shooting accuracy is currently batting at 67% while Kane sits 7% behind on 60%. Both figures are impressive but the QPR man takes this one.

Winner: Charlie Austin

Key Passes & Assists

Normally not the first statistic examined when measuring a striker’s efficiency but key passes and assists are extremely valuable when assessing a forward’s contribution in attack. In this category, the numbers are slightly spread with Austin actually ahead on assists with 4 to Kane’s 3.

However, in terms of key passes, Kane has a substantial lead with 20 to Austin’s 14. Taking pass completion into consideration to settle this duel, Kane is also out in front with 75% pass accuracy to the QPR man’s 66%.

Winner: Harry Kane


The sensible folks over at have totted up all the data and come to the following assessments regarding the values of the men in question…

Charlie Austin: €9 Million

Harry Kane: €15 Million

You might scoff at those figures and you would be correct to do so. Although there were significant statistical measurements and algorithms taken into consideration when calculating the above fees, as we all know in this day in age, logic mostly goes out the window when it comes to goal scoring strikers. As such, their actual value is unknown and your guess is as good as ours.

Outspoken football pundit Rodney Marsh recently went so far as to claim that Kane is worth (cough) £100 million. He really knows his stuff…

Using our Pundit heads, we figure Harry Kane is worth somewhere between £30-35 million while Austin would probably sell for between £18-25m. You could argue that Kane is four years younger, and as such his transfer price should be far bigger than Austin’s. However, when one looks back at previous seasons, Austin is now a proven and consistent goal scorer whereas Kane still has the potential to be a one season wonder.

Age may indeed be a factor but at 25, Austin is still very young and is now hitting what should surely be the prime of his career.

Winner: Harry Kane (just)


Writing for the Daily Mail, Martin Samuel yesterday claimed that Charlie Austin does not deserve an international call up. His logic was seemingly sound as he presented Rooney, Welbeck, Kane and Sturridge as more viable alternatives. However, looking beyond the names, if a striker’s goal scoring record does not make him eligible for selection, what does?

Harry Kane certainly deserves high praise given the outstanding season he is having, but Charlie Austin isn’t far behind and if Kane deserves a starting berth for England, then Austin should certainly be in the squad.

John Murphy, Pundit Arena

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