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SIGN THIS: Petition To Have Sepp Blatter Removed As FIFA President Goes Viral

After countless years of blatant corruption, yesterday the FBI and Swiss authorities finally took action against football’s governing body.

The following petition is going viral on Reddit today and already, it has amassed over 20,000 signatures. You can become one of the many simply by clicking here.

Why? Well, you should know why. But if not, the petition page explains their logic as follows:

Football is the biggest and most beautiful sport on the planet.

And from the top down, the game is crumbling.

As FIFA President, Sepp Blatter has overseen an organisation that has had its senior executives dragged out of hotel rooms at dawn by the FBI. He has overseen the most controversial World Cup bids in the organisation’s history – both of which stink of corruption. He has overseen the Qatar bid come to fruition despite the deaths of construction workers. And he has stayed at the top despite persistent reports about FIFA’s serious financial mismanagement.Our FIFA video game purchases have helped him finance a £19 million film about himself!

Me and my friends set this petition up for Sepp Blatter to resign as FIFA President because we support our local teams. My team, AFC Wimbledon, have shown that fan-power CAN make a difference – we pitched together to create our club which the fans still own today. We cant just leave it to the FBI and the sponsors to pressurise his exit, we can gather together in the same way to show our anger at his foul regime.

Little wonder the FBI are now stepping in. And British politicians are calling for change — MP Damian Collins wants the serious fraud office to investigate the World Cup bid and that’s great to hear. But it will take months of painstaking inertia before any such investigation could even dream of taking place.

In the meantime, this petition gives football fans a voice, an opportunity to rally their collective anger at FIFA’s president.

FIFA makes billions from sponsorships and we are the unhappy customers that fill their coffers. We pack the stands every week. We travel to international tournaments and pay our Sky bills. And as customers we have the right to hold the boss culpable.

Sign this petition if you’re tired of seeing our beautiful game rotting from the core.

Sign this petition if you’re tired of football’s governing body being mentioned every week alongside the word ‘corrupt’.

Sign it if you’re angry, sign it if you want the change FIFA’s members cannot make themselves, sign it if you want Sepp Blatter out!


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Author: The PA Team

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