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Opinion: The Sam Allardyce Debacle Leaves A Real Sour Taste

TRNAVA, SLOVAKIA - SEPTEMBER 03: Manager Sam Allardyce rubs his forehead as he inspects the pitch prior to the FIFA World Cup Qualifying Group F match against Slovakia at City Arena on September 3, 2016 in Trnava, Slovakia. (Photo by Christopher Lee/Getty Images)

Sam Allardyce is no longer England football manager. After a 24 hour debacle, Alllardyce’s position became untenable as he was caught on camera to be helping undercover personalities on how to find loopholes around third-party ownership in football transfers. Big Sam was wrong and has paid the ultimate price, but this whole story has so many dispicable elements to it. 

Rumours are now circulating that up the eight current and former Premier League managers may now have to respond to similar claims that were put in front of Big Sam. If these eight managers are not issued with the same punishment or fail to be named and shamed like Sam Allardyce was, then this whole act will be nothing short of despicable.

Not for one second does this piece attempt to defend Allardyce or say that he should still be in charge of England. Whether it is seen as poisoned chalice or an impossible job, being manager of the English football team is one of the most prestigious jobs in world football and it is definitely the pinnacle of any English football mans career.

BURTON-UPON-TRENT, ENGLAND - JULY 25: Newly appointed England manager Sam Allardyce poses after a press conference at St. George's Park on July 25, 2016 in Burton-upon-Trent, England. (Photo by Matthew Lewis/Getty Images)

Big Sam received the job and made no secret of his delight at fulfilling a life long dream. He was naive and careless to put his job in any form of jeopardy. His meetings and his comments were not acceptable and he could have no complaints over losing his dream job, but questions have to be asked about the process in which Allardyce was quoted.

This project or story-line or whatever one wants to describe it by a well respected newspaper appears to have potentially character assassinating information for multiple managers. They have followed through on one man so far, Sam Allardyce, now they must follow through on the rest.

Money can talk, as Allardyce found out to his expense. Now it must be wondered whether money has exchanged hands or will exchange hands in order to keep more names out of the papers. It is a big accusation, but one that is a high possibility.

Sam Allardyce, England Manager

Sam Allardyce was the first to be ‘caught’, for want of a better word. How many more have been ‘caught’, and how many more will be named?

Sam Allardyce was by no means the most popular choice as England manager. His trophy cabinet is basically empty in terms of top level football. Big Sam is known for getting teams out of relegation battles as opposed to winning trophies. England are craving any form of success in tournament football in terms of silverware. It is hard to see how Allardyce was going to be the man to lead England to their first success since 1966.

Was this a ploy to oust an unpopular England manager? If Jose Mourinho, Carlo Ancelotti or Pep Guardiola had been in charge of England, would they have been targeted to the same extent?

Again, a big accusation, but a most serious question.

Real Madrid's Portuguese coach Jose Mour

Sam Allardyce is not without blame here, not at all. But this story has shown a rather sickening side to the modern day media. Why not let a man simply get on with his job? Why the need to go undercover and expose a man? Allardyce did not act appropriately, but what is to stay that the media source did act ethically?

The outcome of this has been so big for Allardyce and the English Football Association that every single last detail of this story should be made public. If there is any backbone whatsoever, every person involved should be exposed and every person involved should do the time for the crime they have committed.

If Sam Allardyce has been exposed by this act, why don’t the media try and expose more? Managers will now be on high alert, but will more media sources attempt to get people fired from their jobs?

Photo by Scott Barbour/Getty Images
Photo by Scott Barbour/Getty Images

If there was a source to kick this story or idea off, it should be made public. And if there are eight more managers involved in this investigation, every single one of them should be named and shamed like Sam Allardyce has been.

There is no defence for Sam Allardyce and very little sympathy. But this can only be one part of a major story. Full details need to be made public or this will just look a major effort to remove Sam Allardyce from his position as England manager.

An effort that has been successful, but one that will leave a sour taste.

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Author: The PA Team

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