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Ronaldo Finds Lost Phone, Discovers Attractive Owner… Invites Her To Dinner

Oh Cristiano you dog…

Ronaldo is currently holidaying in Las Vegas and whilst on his travels, he stumbled across a lost cell phone. Being the gentle man that he is, the Real Madrid man decided he was going to do his utmost to return it to its rightful owner.

When he found the owner, he decided it was only right to take her and her pal to dinner… Their looks had nothing to do with it. Hell he would have done the same for anybody right? RIGHT?

The young woman in question is named Austin Milan and overnight, she updated her Instagram account with the incredible story of how she encountered Cristiano Ronaldo.

Milan was holidaying in Las Vegas when she managed to misplace her phone somewhere or another… Call it bad luck.

Against all the odds however, the greatest footballer in the world happened to come across the missing phone and decided to contact her to ensure her belongings were returned… Call it good luck.

When the two met in order to conduct the exchange, they presumably had a little chit chat, Ronaldo liked what he saw and heard, and decided it was only right to take Austin and her friend out for a meal.

The Portuguese superstar has been single since his split from Russian supermodel Irina Shayk but we can only assume that himself and Milan are now destined for marriage. What a story it would be to tell the grand kids.

Check out the story as told through Austin Milan’s Instagram account below.

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