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Referee Sends Off Four Players In Five Minutes…All Completely Justified

Is this the worse spell of football ever witnessed at a professional level? The match between Alianza Lima and Real Garcilaso in Peru got real farcical, real quick. 

Alianza Lima were trailing at home with five minutes to go before a collective wave of idiocy swept over the team that saw four red cards and general hysteria from all the Lima players.

You know things are bad when your manager loses his cool and that he did, running on to the pitch after the first card to protest the decision of Peruvian Referee Ramon Blanco. What he got though was one of the most badass staredowns we’ve seen.

The 1000 yard stare


Intimidation was not on the cards for Blanco. Where another ref would have genuinely being scared, Ramon kept his cool in the face of some serious harassment from the players. Props to third man to be sent off who for some reason felt that if he could restrain the ref from removing the card out of his pocket, it wouldn’t count.

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Author: The PA Team

This article was written by a member of The PA Team.