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Pundit Arena Predicts The Premier League Top Four

Top 4 Graphic

We have all sorts of contraptions here at Pundit Arena HQ. Geodesic perturbations, quantum foams, Planck-Wheeler jobbies and a sort of tidal gravity contraption we got down at the flee market. You wouldn’t understand. Well, neither do we really. It’s science stuff.

Anyway, the important thing is that we’ve gotten out our magical crystal ball, given it a bit of spit shine and looked deep into the future to figure out who will finish in the top four.

What? We swear it works… Honest.

Manchester City 

Recent poor form has seen the sky blues dragged down into the slug-fest for a top 4 finish. Previously thought of as shoe ins for second, City are now in a spot of bother with The Gunners just one point behind and United hot on their coattails to boot.

Looking at the fixtures and using our Decon-top4-figurator to calculate the what’s what. We have deduced with 99.768% accuracy that City will finish with 78 points.


Wenger’s men are in rare old form and were rather unlucky against Monaco last night. If they can continue the pace they’ve set recently in the league, there should be little stopping them from solidifying their top 4 position in the coming weeks.

We’ve banged in the maths and the top 4 future machine says that Arsenal will finish with a whopping 80 points.

Manchester United

Ah Louis, Louis. What a dreadful season it has been. Up until Sunday, The Red Devils football had been as entertaining as a night out with James Milner.

Somehow they are two points off second however and their form looks to be on the up. With United’s performance against Spurs taken into account, Liverpool are still surely favourites for the game at Anfield this Sunday. After that, the remaining fixtures will see The Iron Tulip’s men taking on City, Chelsea, Everton and Arsenal. It doesn’t bode well. Top 4 machine says the Gaal-acticos finish with 73 points.


What a turn around. Liverpool are now 4 points behind City in 2nd place. They were 17 points behind them on New Years Day. Whatever Rodgers fed them at Christmas, by god is it working. They are now back to the blistering form that they showed last season and Monday night proved that they can also win when playing badly.

Liverpool are a force to be reckoned with at present and given the required variables, the time travel thingy says that they finish with 74 points.


It is remarkable, given the clubs financial standing that they are even in this conversation at this point of the season. Currently six points behind United however, it is unlikely that they will be able to take out the big spenders above them in the final weeks.

Future flute says The Saints finish with 68 points.

Tottenham Hotspur 

They were in it until Sunday but you’d have to say that 6 points off fourth at this stage is probably a bridge too.

We’ve taken it all into account and my pen and paper says, sorry I mean my deconfigurator top 4 machine teller says that Spurs tot up 70 points come the 25th of May.


Final standings.

1st Chelsea 

2nd Arsenal 80

3rd Man City 78

4th Liverpool 74

5th Man Utd 73

6th Tottenham 70

7th Southampton 68

That’s that folks. Call us Mystic Meg from here on out.





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Author: The PA Team

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