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Premier League Reconsidering ’39th Game’ Abroad

It is believed that the Premier League are reconsidering the idea of adding a 39th fixture to the Premier league calender, with the game likely to be played abroad.

The idea was initially formalised in 2008 by Richard Scudamore but it is now set to be reconsidered, according to a number of reports. Scudamore spoke about the concept back in August claiming a number of Premier League teams would be keen on the idea.

“The clubs wanted it then [in 2008] and they would all probably want it now.

“It will happen at some point. Whether it’s on my watch, who knows?”

With so many Premier League clubs now going on lengthy pre-season tours to America and Asia, the next step could be playing a competitive fixture in front of a huge crowd on foreign soil.

The Premier League could look at the success of the NBA and NFL who have played competitive fixtures in England, which most have been seen as a huge success.

UEFA President at the time, Michel Platini was highly critical of the idea back in 2009.

“It will never be received by FIFA, by the fans or the national associations.

“It’s a nonsense idea. I am sure (FIFA) will never accept it because it’s not good for football.

“In England, you already have no English coach, no English players and maybe now you will have no clubs playing in England. It’s a joke.”

While FIFA president Sepp Blatter was also opposed to the idea back in 2008.

“This idea to play a 39th round outside the country does not work,” .

“They would be playing 12 hours away west and east and 24 hours difference in the south.

“Even the former chairman of the FA, Mr Geoff Thompson, said we should oppose it.

However, according to BBC the idea could now be set to be introduced in the next number of years with the Premier League particularly keen to break into the Asian market.

We could be seeing a 39th Premier League game being played in the not too distant future.

Dan Dalton, Pundit Arena.

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