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Watch: Chaotic Scenes As Portuguese Player Arrested For Shocking Assault On Referee


Canelas 2010 have been renowned for their rough style of play and bully like tactics. However, the most recent event is disgusting and simply has no place on a football pitch at any level. 

The amateur game between Canelas and Rio Tinto in the fourth tier of Portuguese football, the Regional District League, took place on Sunday afternoon. Within the opening minutes of the game, Canelas striker Marco Goncalves was involved in an unprovoked off the ball incident in which he punched his opponent.

The incident was spotted by the official in charge, Jose Rodrigues, who rightfully sent the 34-year-old striker off.

However, what happened next is a tarnish on the beautiful game. As Goncalves was given his marching orders the Canelas number 10 grabbed the referee by the neck before kneeing him in the face – resulting in the ref falling to the floor.

Rodrigues was in need of medical treatment which he received from an ambulance at the stadium and it was declared that he suffered a fractured nose.

Police stormed the pitch immediately after the incident. Their presence was almost in anticipation of on the field violence (and rightly so), to prevent complete anarchy ensuing. Goncalves was arrested and now faces a court appearance due to the attack.

Speaking on the incident Canelas 2010 president Bruno Canastro said;

“In the face of the events, the player Marco Goncalves will never again wear the shirt of CF Canelas 2010”.

He has also rightfully received a lifetime ban from Portuguese football. When later questioned about the assault the Portuguese national stated he had no recollection of the event taking place.

Canelas 2010 is a team made up of several FC Porto Ultra’s known as ‘Super Dragons,’ including captain Fernando Madureira, 41. They are no strangers to using the odd dirty tactic or two.

In fact, midway through the 2016/17 season they were top of the table with a record of 16 wins in 17 games. However, 12 opponents refused to play against the team and rather opted to pay the €750 fine for not showing up. This, in turn, led to them being emabrking on an “11 game wining streak” – all 3-0 default victories.

After this most recent event, there are cries for them to be thrown out of the league and its hard to see why they wouldn’t be reprimanded in such fashion.

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Author: The PA Team

This article was written by a member of The PA Team.