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How The New Retrospective Diving Ban Will Operate In This Season’s Premier League

With retrospective diving bans set to be introduced this season, it has now been revealed exactly how and when the suspensions will come into effect.

In recent years, the art of diving has become increasingly prevalent in the game of football to the extent that this summer, the authorities have finally decided to take action.

In the past, a dive was dealt with in one of two ways, a yellow card was awarded or a deceived referee would incorrectly call a foul.

If the ref had misinterpreted a dive as an actual foul, then that was that. No further action could be taken and the player was essentially free and clear despite the fraudulent act that they had just committed.

However, from next season, players will receive retrospective bans should their attempts to deceive the referee not be spotted during the game itself.

According to The Times, players will now receive two-match suspensions should a dive result in a penalty or an opponent getting sent off.

Players will receive retrospective two-match suspensions for diving this season in a rule change that the FA hopes will deter them from deceiving match officials.

The bans, which come into effect from Friday night when the Sky Bet Championship begins, are only set to apply to incidents that result in a penalty being awarded or the dismissal of an opponent.

With the trial of video refereeing proving to be a disaster during the summer’s Confederation Cup, fans have every right to be sceptical of rule changes at present. However, given the unanimous distaste for diving, this new system of handling the issue should be widely lauded.

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