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Mexican Fan Storms Pitch To Punch Referee….Gets Denied

For a while it was like those moments where you’re watching something dreadful unfold, but can’t react in time to stop it. Everything suggested this Mexican Ref was about to hit the deck…

He vaults the ad hoardings and he’s on a direct path to Ref-town. The poor referee is oblivious, back-turned and magic spray in hand, his mind is on other things. He won’t know until it’s too late but something will give it away. Maybe it’s the flinching of the player standing behind him, who sees the danger and only looks out for himself.

Or maybe the roar of the expectant crowd will make him realise something wrong is afoot before bam, he’s on the deck. But just as Mr. Referee is about to get hit, an unknown crusader intercepts the threat, like a presidential bodyguard taking a bulllet, it’s a glorious act of selflessness.

The incident occurred during a Mexican League match between Santos and Puebla. While we’re not sure, the deranged fan appears to be a Puebla fan and the game was by all accounts, pretty heated.

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