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Maths Professor Statistically Proves How Much Mike Dean Hates Arsenal

This is both hilarious and slightly disconcerting…

The lengths that people go to for the sake of a football debate is often baffling. However, today we think we may have finally found the ultimate.

One maths professor has gone to extraordinary lengths to illustrate Mike Dean’s influence on Arsenal games. Taking a number of factors into consideration, this educated Gooner has managed to mathematically conclude that Dean’s presence as an official has an unusually significant impact on Arsenal’s results.

The mathematician’s language is often complex but if followed through from start to finish, it is clear that his logic is sound and he inevitably ends up with a conclusion that many Arsenal fans will have already been aware of.

Mike Dean as an official can statistically be labeled a ‘significant predictor’ when he enters the equation of an Arsenal match and, as already stated, the conclusion is that Arsenal’s chances of victory ‘significantly decrease’ when Mr. Dean is present.

Whatever way you look at it, Mike Dean, statistically speaking does predict poorer outcomes for Arsenal.

There could be any number of other explanations for these data, but you’d think that the FA might want to have a look at that. Arsenal’s results under Mike Dean are significantly different to under other referees, and these models show that this is more than simply the random fluctuations in results that happen with any sports team.

You can check out the Professor Andy Field’s full statistical analysis at the excellent discovering statistics blog here and in the meantime you can take a look at an enticing snippet below.

Mike Dean Wanker
An extract from Professor Alan Field’s study on


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