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Manchester United Are Ruining Development Of Young Players Claims Premier League Manager

Alan Pardew has taken a jab at Manchester United due to their treatment of Wilfried Zaha during his time with the club. 

Crystal Palace manager Alan Pardew was speaking recently about the career development of former Manchester United winger, Wilfried Zaha.

Pardew criticized the Old Trafford club for their handling of Zaha during his brief spell at United and claimed that it cost the youngster a very important year in terms of his natural progression and development.

Pardew made some interesting comments on other comparable cases of big clubs signing young players with potential only to leave them rotting on their bench for, in some cases, a number of years.

The Crystal Palace manager stated that this makes no sense when these large clubs often already have high profile cover in the positions they acquire youngsters with no intention of them playing.

Idealistically what Pardew is saying makes great sense but viewing football as the business that it is, it is often the case that larger clubs invest in young talent with a number of other agendas on their minds.

See Pardew’s quotes from the Daily Mail below.

‘Manchester United took a risk, really. ‘Because he hadn’t done it at Premier League level.

Maybe you could argue he needed a year in the Premier League to really develop and the year going to Man United set him back, there’s not doubt about that.

‘He didn’t get game time, didn’t get the experience, he was trying to get into a great team. It’s very difficult.’ 

‘Sometimes I think these big clubs take players too early and they’re literally taking talent without really consideration to how it’s going to work in the team,’ Pardew said. ‘Manchester City you could look at a number of players, people like Scott Sinclair and Jack Rodwell, it’s very difficult to get it back. You’ve taken a very important year out of someone’s career.’

‘Therefore, my job is to get Wilf to understand the level of the Premier League and how to perform consistently.

There’s no doubt he’s good enough for the Premier League. No doubt. But consistently week in week out, effecting the game, scoring goals, assists, this is where he will be measured.

‘I like working with Wilf. I think he is someone I can help because he is someone who wants to be a great player.

‘When you have been to Man United and then you come away from Man United, you aren’t going to get away from that level of profile.’

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