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Liverpool UEFA Cup-Winning Manager Backs Klopp To Win Trophies

Liverpool’s 2001 UEFA Cup-winning manager Gerard Houllier has thrown his support behind Jurgen Klopp. 

The former Anfield boss won the UEFA Cup, League Cup and FA Cup all in the same season while at Liverpool, and now Houllier is hopeful Klopp can bring a similar amount of silverware to the club.

In an interview with BeIN Sports (via the Liverpool Echo) Houllier claims that Klopp’s ‘values’ match the club’s fans and his style of management will go down well with the squad.

“I’m glad that Jurgen has joined Liverpool because I know he’s very keen on Liverpool, he likes the club, he likes the values of the club and I think he would bring a lot to it.

“Leadership is a transfer of emotion and in that case he will be good because Jurgen is a very emotional man, whether he wins or loses, and I think his style of management will fit in well with the squad and also will match the values and the enthusiasm of the fans there.”

When questioned on whether or not Klopp could genuinely bring a title to Anfield, Houllier had this to say:

“I hope he does, good luck, as a fan of Liverpool, Benitez finished second, I finished second as well but we never managed to get to first place.

“I think Benitez in his time it was Manchester United, in my time it was Arsenal who were winning and were on this undefeated run,” the ex-France boss told BeIN Sports (via the Liverpool Echo).

“It will be difficult because Chelsea, Manchester City, the usual suspects are always there but at some stage the club can probably get bigger and win a title.”

Liverpool fans remain hopeful that the club will in fact grow under their new boss, but with recent season-ending injuries to the likes of top scorer Danny Ings and young prospect Joe Gomez to contend with already, the uphill task that Klopp faces has already become that bit steeper.

The Reds are now approaching 25 seasons without winning a Premier League title, despite finishing second under a plethora of managers, including outgoing boss Brendan Rodgers.

To take that one step further will take a courageous manager, who is about as self-assured as they come. In this sense Klopp certainly fits the bill. Whether he provides or not may be a different matter.

Rob Lyons, Pundit Arena

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