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Steven Gerrard Reveals He Despised One Premier League Referee… Here’s Why

According to The Guardian’s ‘ten things we learned from Steven Gerrard’s book’, the former Liverpool great had severe issues with one Premier League official in particular. We thought we’d take a look at why. 

1. The Red Card vs Manchester United:

In Gerrard’s book titled ‘My Story’, the LA Galaxy man discusses Martin Atkinson on several occasions eventually, and rather bluntly stating that he simply ‘can’t stand him’.

The red-card vs Manchester United is perhaps one of Gerrard’s most regretted moments of his career. It was his final clash with his club’s biggest rivals. He had started on the bench and came on to make a statement and, a statement he most certainly did make but unfortunately, it was of the wrong kind.

After stamping on Ander Herrera, Gerrard was shown red just 38 seconds after coming on. In the book, he describes the moment as Atkinson marched towards him and states that he ‘didn’t like the look of his face.’

Fair enough. Still a red though Stevie.

2. The Slip vs Chelsea

Gerrard goes into great detail about the horrendous emotional pain he went through after slipping against Chelsea during the 2013-2014 season and simultaneously losing his grip on the Premier League.

The book opens with Gerrard crying after the game in question and it soon becomes clear that once again, Atkinson was in charge on the day in question.

Once again, fair enough. We can understand the associative nature of the hatred… slip -> Atkinson, red card -> Atkinson. Not like Atkinson actually tripped him up though?

If you can think of any more Martin Atkinson moments that involve Gerrard, be sure and send them to [email protected]


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