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Who Could Legitimately Replace Wenger At Arsenal?

The #WengerOut brigade are unlikely to have been put off by Arsenal’s recent easy victory over Galatasaray. They want Arsene Wenger gone. But realistically who could Arsenal possibly get instead? 


Whether you’re #WengerIn or #WengerOut you’re probably getting pretty sick of the debate. In fact, is it even a debate? Anyone familiar with Arsenal Fan TV will no doubt have seen this gem below by now. For those not familiar it should probably come with a warning. Prepare to see two men spend four minutes making little sense whilst getting very, very angry.

Yeah, that’s sort of the level things have gotten to. Poor Claude looks like he’s about become the first man to die literally as a result of anger. Whilst Ty is potentially the most hydrated sports fan in the world.

There really isn’t a great deal of sense flying around the Arsene Wenger issue. He won’t go mid-season. the Arsenal board have stuck by him all this time and don’t look set to change their spots any time soon. So relaisitcally if he doesn’t see out his contract, which would be very un-Wenger it’d be because of one of two scenarios.

The first being Wenger is just sick of the abuse he is getting and decides to pack it in, few would blame him but again it’s not in his style. Then again he hadn’t before experienced scenes like those at Stoke train station last weekend.

The second scenario involves Arsenal not making it to the top four this season. Again very un-Wenger like but suppose this happens. Fan sentiment becomes unbearable and the board decide Wenger goes. Who are the logical contenders in the summer?


The Popular Choice – Jurgen Klopp

image via flickr creative commons
image via flickr creative commons

Those who want Wenger out due to Arsenal’s poor form this season are entirely prepared to overlook the similarities between Dortmund and Arsenal. Klopp’s side are finally up to 14th in the Bundesliga after propping the table up for several weeks. Klopp is used to buying on a budget and losing big names like Wenger.

He favours a far more pressing, counter-attacking game that is easy on the eye. Definitely not a Wenger-ball advocate. His poor form with Dortmund and the fact he is clearly frustrated with Bayern’s dominance mean he may actually be available in the summer.


The Anti-Wenger – Diego Simeone

via wikimedia creative commons
via wikimedia creative commons

Another popular choice among fans. He embodies everything Wenger is not. His Atletico team play in his image, they are fiery and aggressive. Simeone teams can defend and snatch wins. Not necessarily the prettiest team to watch but they get results. Simeone is certainly reactionary in his approach and is more than happy to adapt to stifle the opposition.

Arsenal fans deprived of defensive cohesion and a plan B in big games fawn of Simeone like he were an unattainable secondary school crush. unattainable being the key word there.

Simeone isn’t getting sacked any time soon. Perhaps he will get sick of Real Madrid and Barcelona’s dominance and decide to move. However, he’s already proven he can better La Liga’s big boys once already and will surely feel he can do it again.


The Hipsters’ Choice –  Markus Weinzierl

Markus Weinzierl

Who? If you don’t know who he is you’re not a hipster, which is good news. You’re also not paying attention to what’s going on in the Bundesliga, which perhaps isn’t as good. Weinzierl is manager of FC Augsburg. The team, named after the small city they inhabit have been making waves under Weinzierel.

He’s young at only 39 years old. He took over Augsburg in 2012 following their first season in the Bundesliga ever. Augsburg are a small team but their decision to appoint Weinzierel was a punt, they brought him in from a third division club.

Halfway through his first season they had won once and had just nine points. Since then though, things have been on the up and up. He led Augsburg to eighth last year, winning manager of the year in the process. This season he has his side in third place and on course for Champions League qualification.

He’s done so much with so little at Augsburg, what could he be capable of at a club such as Arsenal?


There you have it, Wenger doesn’t look likely to leave any time soon but should he and Arsenal part ways, perhaps the future isn’t so bleak after all.

Sean Curtin, Pundit Arena 

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