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Just Your Run Of the Mill 25-Yard Bicycle Kick From The German Fourth Division

Hello FIFA Puskás Award! This bicycle kick beauty has propelled Michél Harrer from German Fourth Division striker to cult hero. 

As it’s the German fourth division, let’s drop the pretence any of us know anything about VfR Neumünster or 1910 e.V. Zaubert or in fact the Regionalliga Nord in which they play.

But, you know what? None of that matters. Because beautiful goals transcend understanding of anything else except the goal itself. In fact, really it’s even better when goals this cheeky come from players who play for clubs in leagues we’ve never heard of. Because the audacity of a guy in the German fourth division makes that goal all the more better than if it had come from Leo Messi. Well, that’s our logic anyway.

We salute you Michél Harrer. you and all of your kind. Long may the beautiful 25-yard bicycle kick from obscure footballers continue.

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Author: The PA Team

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