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Watch: Jamie Carragher Made Some Outrageously Harsh Comments About Daniel Sturridge After Cup Exit

Jamie Carragher made some incredibly harsh comments about Liverpool striker Daniel Sturridge after Southampton knocked the Reds out of the League Cup last night.

Over the course of the 90 minutes, Daniel Sturridge was guilty of missing two decent chances for Jurgen Klopp’s side. However, Jamie Carragher’s comments on the forward after the game seemed somewhat vicious given Sturridge’s age and what stage of his career he is at.

At 27, despite his plethora of injuries, the English international surely has his peak ahead of him but for the former Liverpool defender turned Sky commentator, Sturridge is essentially finished.

Speaking about his overall game, Carragher stated that the former Chelsea man is now good for nothing but finishing and even then, it has to be ‘put on a plate for him’.

He’s a completely different player now to what he was when he first came. The whole point of Liverpool buying him under Brendan Rodgers when I was in the club, he gave you penetration in behind. He could run behind, he had pace. But there was one in the game, me and Matt were looking at each other, he chased and he actually fell over the kop into the hoardings. But you’re thinking, he’s got to get that ball.

I don’t know if his pace is completely gone or he’s that worried with injuries – that he’s gonna pull something…

He’s not the player to run in behind, so forget replacing Mane, it’s never gonna happen. All he does is
come to feet now. The only reason to have Sturridge on the team now is for his finishing ability but you’ve basically gotta put things on a plate for him. Now tonight Liverpool did, but he didn’t finish.
More often than not, you couldn’t question his finishing, but he doesn’t do anything else in the game now, whereas he did when he first came.

Listen he’s had a really poor night in front of goal but, that’s the case with that kind of striker now – when they don’t give you that target man or run in behind, everything’s gotta be put on a plate for him and, when he doesn’t score, you’re basically down to ten men really, because they’re not offering anything else whatsoever.

Check out Jamie Carragher’s somewhat ferocious comments in the video below;

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