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Pedro, of Barcelona

It Looks Like Louis Van Gaal Has Shot Himself In The Foot As Pedro Reconsiders

With the talk that was coming out of Barcelona during the week from the board as well as Pedro himself it looked like a deal with close. But has Louis van Gaal screwed things up?

The Guardian’s Jamie Jackson is reporting that Pedro has been having second thoughts after agreeing personal terms. And it’s not because he’s thinking of staying at Barcelona or because he has his eyes on another club. You could argue it’s worse than that.

Apparently, the reason is Louis van Gaal. The man who showed his testicles to an entire dressing room is making Pedro think things over. The winger appears to be worried at the treatment of Spanish players at the club since van Gall took over. With David De Gea looking likely to exit and dropped from the team, the fact that van Gaal went public with his blunt criticisms of the goalkeeper has troubled Pedro.

The De Gea treatment is just the tip of the iceberg, it’s the treatment of United’s other Spanish keeper, Victor Valdes that is truly worrying for Pedro. With the pair having spent so many years together as team mates in an all conquering Barcelona team, Valdes’ situation is setting off alarm bells.

Van Gaal was scathing of Valdes in pre-season, looking to outcast the keeper completely. He hasn’t even been issued a squad number and during the opening day of the season it appears he wasn’t even issued a club suit, instead wearing his own clothes while every other team member was sporting the official suit of the club, along with its classic crest.

Van Gaal may want Pedro now, but should the two disagree the winger doesn’t want to be seeing out the remaining years of his prime under a manger whose clearly very autocratic in his leadership.

The worst part of all of this for United fans is that their appears to be an offer on the table from Man City should their deal for Kevin De Bruyne fall through.



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