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Watch: Irish Fans Dent Car, Give Donation Through Window, Miraculously Fix Dent

Irish fans have gone to great lengths to enhance their reputation as some of the best fans in the world at this summer’s European Championships in France.

From changing flat tyres for pensioners to attempting to lull babies to sleep on the train, the antics of the Irish abroad have earned plaudits from across the globe.

Now, they can add another spot of car repair to that list.

When one over-eager Irish fan with a drum stood on a car in order to achieve higher ground over those below, he made a very obvious dent on the roof. Not to have this man’s actions go against the generally brilliant behaviour of the Irish in France, others in the vicinity engaged in a whip-round in order to pay for the damage caused to the unfortunate Lille native’s car.

As the generous fans begin stuffing notes through the car door/window, others attempted a bit of DIY auto repair.

What follows is undeniable proof that the Irish fans can actually do no wrong over there…

Of course, what this now means is that a highly confused Frenchman is going to come back to his car with the door stuffed with money, and he’ll have absolutely no idea why.

“Fix the car, for the Boys in Green…”

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Author: The PA Team

This article was written by a member of The PA Team.