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Has There Been A Weekend With More Great Goals Than This?

We’re all use to seeing fantastic goals in the Premier league. But has anyone seen a weekend with more fantastic strikes over the course of a weekend? We round-up every cracker from a phenomenal weekend.


1. Arsenal got the party started early

A delicately placed finish by Bellerin set the tone for the early kick-off. A fixture that had the finesse of Hector’s finish and Ozil’s freek kick and the raw power of Sanchez and Giroud’s strikes. Great game, great goals.


2. Wayne Rooney  continues the great goal glut

In what was actually a quite boring game, Wayne Rooney did a Wayne Rooney on things and gave us this.


3. Bobby Zamora and QPR defy expectations

Bobby Zamora scoring a lobbed strike from the far-side of the box while QPR ran rampant is not even the most unbelievable event from this weekend. We’re looking at you Charlie. A great goal from Zamora all the same, and kudos for the uber casual finish.


4. Can’t tell if Charlie Adam or David Beckham…

What? How? Charlie Adam?


5. Ronaldo goes full Ronaldo

Were they all fantastic goals? No. But when you score five goals in a game, you’re getting on a list.


6. Hulk shows exactly why you shouldn’t leave Hulk unmarked

A laser guided rocket of a finish.


7. Obafemi Martins gives a lesson in how to lose a marker in the box

Showing great reactions and smarts, Martins makes his marker look like a mug and tops it off with a silky finish.


8. Jermain Defoe gets goal worthy of a derby

The veteran striker broke down in tears after the finish. Can’t say we blame him. The way the ball presents itself, the whole stadium knows he’s going to shoot. But Defoe exhibits patience and experience, hits it cleanly and the rest is history.

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Author: The PA Team

This article was written by a member of The PA Team.