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Graham Cummins Column: Should there be a January Transfer Window?

Exeter City Striker and Pundit Arena columnist Graham Cummins questions whether there should even be a January transfer window. 


Many managers complain about the January transfer window, believing that it just causes unnecessary unrest in their squad. The window doesn’t always create the most spectacular transfers because most of the top players are cup-tied in the Champions League.

It does seem to be a window that allows the lesser teams in the Premier league to strengthen their squads and push them to safety. Teams at the bottom are looking for that bit of quality that perhaps could not only save the club but also the manager’s job.

Harry Redknapp has always been known to be very active in the transfer market and he could be a busy man again tonight. Redknapp saw his side suffer their 11th straight Premier League away defeat on Saturday, as they lost 3-1 to Stoke. Queens Park Rangers certainly need fire power if they are going to survive this year and could Emmanuel Adebayor be the man they turn to.

Love or hate him no one can deny that Adebayor on his day can be one of the best strikers in the premier league. If QPR were to pull off the deal then I believe Adebayor would drag the club out of trouble. People may call him lazy but whenever he goes to a club he starts exceptionally and QPR just need him to perform for three and a half months. I don’t believe Redknapp will be complaining about the window if he were to pull off the signing.

One club who may feel unjust with the transfer window is Burnely. Burnely are not a club who can afford to go and sign players their main aim of their transfer window will be to keep Danny Ings. Danny Ings is key to Burnely’s fight against relegation having already scored 7 Premier League goals this season. Early last week it had been reported that Liverpool were interested in a move for Ings with Sean Dyche(Burnely manager) admitting that he withdrew Ings in their 2-0 defeat against Sunderland as he felt that the speculation had affected Ings. The question is do they sell him now for a fee or do they take a gamble and hope that Ings can keep them in the league but leave for free in the summer.

The January transfer window works both ways. Managers can try and off load players that they are unhappy with but also players can push for a move if they feel they could further their careers which could irritate their manager. I feel the window helps clubs and players. If the window were to be removed, then clubs could be left with unhappy players who could be a poison to the club. Clubs need the opportunity to get rid of players they feel just do not suit the club. Having one transfer window a season just is not enough.

It is much more difficult for a player to move in January compared to summer as a player does not have time to settle in. In summer a player will have time to bond with his new teammates and also settle in to their new area before playing a competitive match.

Players have the time to find a home and get their family settled. In January players are expected to hit the ground running. They don’t have time to settle as they will more than likely have been bought to achieve the clubs goals for the last part of the season. Clubs at the bottom will be adding players to help them survive that season and will probably not have planned for what role that player will play in the club for the following campaign.

The January window has to stay part of football if not what would we be doing on deadline day. I think every football fan will be glued to their television sets tonight hoping that their club can make that one big signing.

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