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Gary Neville Says Manchester United Only Need Two Players To Look Like Barcelona

Gary Neville has just said that Manchester United are far closer to a league winning side than many people think. 

With the Red Devils currently as entertaining as a trip to the dentist, many Manchester United supporters are getting fed up of Louis van Gaal’s so called ‘philosophy’.

After a dreadful performance midweek saw the Old Trafford side drawing nil all with PSV, another average showing followed on Saturday with United dropping two points at Leicester.

Many pundits have since commented that Manchester United are far from the power house they once were and that it now looks like it may be many years before they once again rise to European prominence. However, perhaps the most widely respected commentator in the world of football begs to differ.

Speaking on his weekly podcast, Gary Neville said Manchester United are far closer to the complete package than many think and that with one or two top class additions, they could box with the best in Europe.

Gary Neville

“If you put two more players into Manchester United’s team, say a Gareth Bale or a Cristiano Ronaldo into that team, that team could win the league. Because the structure that is being built at this moment in time is solid.

“But they need that match-winner, that Neymar, that Luis Suarez, the one that is going to light up a game and score one or two goals to take it away, then all of a sudden they would look like a Barcelona, because they’re dominating possession, making teams look foolish.”

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“Even in the last 15 minutes, they didn’t fully commit to winning the game. Historically, you would like to see punch after punch, you would want to see bodies being thrown forward, but you might get caught on the counter attack and lose 2-1 that way.

“But that’s not the way in which this Manchester United team play, and the heart wants them to go forward, commit players and be reckless in some ways.

“I do think they are quite close when I think about it with my head, but my heart thinks I’d like to see them die trying a little bit more and go for it.

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“But he’s a year-and-a-half in, Louis van Gaal, and he should get a lot more time to do what he wants to do. I was in the same opinion when David Moyes was at Manchester United, and I’m in the same opinion now.”

If you want to hear more, you can check out the full podcast below:

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