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Gary Neville Attacks Liverpool In Latest Telegraph Article

Gary Neville writes a weekly article for the daily telegraph and today, he has addressed the hottest topic in the world of football at present; Liverpool FC and Raheem Sterling. 

Gary Neville, in assessing the biggest contract dispute in recent memory, has suggested that there are many deep seeded problems at the heart of Liverpool football club.

Failing to adapt with the times, failing to think outside of their city, failing to move stadium or expand… these are just some of the reasons that Neville cites for The Reds failures in recent years.

The article is available in full here and it is well worth a read. We have highlighted just some of the major points below.

Raheem Sterling has been in the eye of a storm this week following the revelation that he wants to leave Liverpool, but while there is a lot to be said about the way the story has developed, the harsh reality for the club is that this situation has been 15 years in the making.


There is a wider context to this story and it centres on how Liverpool have gone from being from one of Europe’s great superpowers to one which is in danger of becoming a provincial club.

The prospect of losing Sterling will be a major concern for everybody connected to the club, but the uncomfortable truth is that this is nothing new for Liverpool.


It is a very emotional city and, again, in many ways this is a strength, but for Liverpool Football Club, all of those qualities have become weaknesses which have contributed to the position they now find themselves in with Sterling.

Take Anfield for example. It is a wonderful old stadium, with a fantastic history and atmosphere, but when I drive towards it through the narrow streets which surround it, you just feel that it is in the wrong location and that it is another symbol of Liverpool looking to the past rather than the future.


I might be the last person that Liverpool fans want to hear this from, an outsider who played for their biggest rivals, but these are things that need saying.

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