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Danny Ings’ Potential Transfer: Is More Regulation Needed?

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Yesterday it was revealed that Danny Ings may be able to sort out his future ahead of this summer’s transfer window, with his suitors, Liverpool being unable to sign him before January’s deadline day.

The Mail Online report that, although Liverpool couldn’t sign him because they had planned to loan him back to Burnley for the remainder of the season, which is against regulations, the Reds are allowed to approach with a pre-contract deal, which would see Ings sign for the Merseysiders come summertime.

This deal however would have to be approved by the Premier League board before being finalised.

We wait and see if the transfer will be permitted but it is certainly not the first time we have heard of deals which haven’t gone through in the usual manner.

This summer saw the controversial loan of Frank Lampard to Manchester City from New York City after he had left Chelsea to move to the United States.

This move has certainly split opinion, with Chelsea fans disgruntled by the fact one of their club’s stalwarts found a roundabout way of joining a Premier League rival, whilst Manchester City are all too happy to take on a midfield great before he retires to New York City, which is a club the owners of Man City also have vested interests in.

This move was controversial but it was also, in footballing terms, immoral. One cannot blame the individual player – Lampard’s career will only last into his late-thirties and who can blame him for trying to make the most of the game while it’s at his feet.

He has proven this season how important he is and what he still has to offer the game, however the frenzy surrounding the recent Chelsea – Man City match should never have come to pass.

It is something, which at present cannot be regulated, but if owners of clubs are allowed to meander around traditional transfer methods by simply owning more clubs then the attempt at having a level playing field for football clubs across the globe becomes all the more uneven and outweighed by that terrible word which should never be used in conjunction with football clubs – franchising.

This writer of course grasps the major differences between what Liverpool are aiming to do and the effect will be the same either way if they are allowed to sign Ings or if they were permitted to loan him back.

However, it is just a small example of how clubs are now finding ways around transfer regulations. Liverpool are going about it in the right way however, and although they cannot sign him now, it is surely in the players best interests to know where his future lies.

Ings moving to Liverpool at seasons-end would by no means kick up as much of a fuss as the Lampard loan but there are certainly indications that this proposed move illustrates worrying weaknesses in the current system, not only in English football, but worldwide.

Rob Lyons, Pundit Arena

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