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Charlie Adam Gives A Batsh*t Mental Explanation For Taylor’s Horror Tackle On Coleman

Charlie Adam is hardly the beacon for fair and well timed tackling, however, BBC 5Live thought he was the perfect man to talk to about Neil Taylor’s horror tackle on Seamus Coleman.

Whenever someone makes a challenge somewhere along the lines of Neil Taylor’s on Seamus Coleman, the apologists don’t take very long to come out in force with the ‘he’s not that type of player’ garbage.

However, for those who want to take that line of reasoning, if one was to retort with ‘well, tell me who is that type of player?’, it would be very interesting to see just how many come back with Charlie Adam.

The Stoke midfielder has been involved in several controversial incidents over the course of his career wherein, he has seemingly put his opponent’s safety to the very back of his mind while making a ‘tackle’.

Just a word of warning before you watch this one… it’s not for the squeamish.

However, speaking on BBC 5 Live, Adam attempted to explain how he knows Neil Taylor did not intentionally go in to hurt Seamus Coleman while also claiming that he never, not even once in his career, intentionally tried to hurt anyone.

Meanwhile, his logic in explaining how he knows Taylor lacked intent to do harm is… well, it’s slightly hard to follow. Apparently, ‘there is a force’.

You can see it, the force that somebody goes into a tackle. There is a force there’s people have gone and thought ‘I’m going to go in over the top’ or whatever, that’s happened. But… it’s just, that’s the nature of some people, how they play and how they are. Ya know? There is people out there and there will be but… me?

And I’ve been on and I’ve gave out some bad situations in my career as well, over the past few years, I’ve never ever ever thought ‘I’m going to physically hurt somebody.’ You know, I’ve gone in late on a few people but…

At this point, BBC host Mark Chapman intervenes and asks ‘And know that you’re going to do it?’

No I’ve never ever thought I was gonna do it. I’ve got there as quick as I’ve physically can. I’ve never ever thought ‘There’s an opportunity for me to go and hurt somebody.’ But I have seen people go and think ‘This is the right time to go. You can get away with it.’

And I don’t think Neil Taylor has gone and seen that situation and thought ‘This is the right time for me to go and hurt Seamus Coleman.’

And there you have it, something about a force (a force that Adam has never used, of course) and Taylor didn’t mean it. Good man Charlie Adam.

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