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Cardiff City Make Long-Awaited Return To Blue Strip

Cardiff City’s controversial owner Vincent Tan has finally decided to agree to the club’s reversal back to their traditional blue home strip, having changed it to red in 2012 for marketing purposes.

The past two years have seen a club’s recent history disrupted with a ludicrous decision of reverting to a red kit, which the club described at the time as a way of increasing “appeal in international markets.”

Tan has also sanctioned a rebrand of the club’s crest and will now give the Bluebird mascot more prominence on the newly-designed crest, according to BBC Sport.

This whole saga has caused major disruption for all concerned. The public outcry has been severe and rightly so. Fans’ affinity with their club often comes in the displaying of their colours and a change which is so drastic can, and will cause an almighty upheaval for those supporting their club.

Former Cardiff captain Jason Perry, when speaking to the BBC about the proposal of a jersey change in 2012 said,

“It’s not for me. I think football is about identity. I wouldn’t want to see the soul of the club sold for millions to be invested in.”

“Cardiff City is blue and should always be blue.”

The word identity, used by Perry, exemplifies the feeling fans have towards their club. Supporting one’s team is very much about this feeling of identity. To take away such a major part of this should always be considered unacceptable and the reinstatement of the club’s colours and a re-design of Cardiff’s crest should never have had to happen in the first place.

The Bluebirds played in their recognisable blue home kit today against Fulham in their Championship clash, something which should have never been a cause for news in the first place.

Today the Bluebirds beat Fulham 1-0 but that is not the only result which will be on the fans’ minds as they head home from today’s clash. They have been given a huge part of their club’s identity back as the Bluebirds return to their rightful colours once again.

Rob Lyons, Pundit Arena

Featured image By Jon Candy (Flickr: DSC03977) [CC BY-SA 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

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