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Barelona Were Offered Who!? The Most Ridiculous La Liga Transfer This Summer?

As the race for Barcelona’s Presidential election hots up, some very strange stories are coming out of the woodwork. 

According to Jordi Majo, one of the men hoping to be elected as Barcelona’s next President, the Catalans were offered a man now synonymous with Real Madrid, Sergio Ramos.

It’s not uncommon for Presidential candidates to flash these so called ‘trump cards’. The rumour is, one of the other presidential candidates came to an agreement with Ramos’ agent, his brother Rene. He would offer Ramos to Barca and in exchange they’d show interest, allowing Ramos to get a better deal with Real Madrid.

The stunt backfired with Barcelona rejecting the deal immediately.

But the whole thing is made for so many reasons. Number one, It’s Sergio Ramos, it was never going to happen. It’s so clearly ludicrous that nobody could honestly think it’d happen. And then there’s the fact that Barcelona cannot sign players, a fact that Presidential candidates seem to be forgetting.

Either way, it’s hands down the  most ridiculous La Liga transfer rumour this season.

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Author: The PA Team

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