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Audio: Coshcast, Season 3 Episode 25: United Head And Shoulders Above Liverpool

Welcome to Episode 25!

Hello everyone!

This week on the Coshcast, the Premier League sees more threes than an afternoon with Steph Curry. Chelsea and Everton share a shambolic shower of shortcomings, England’s best striker smashes United past Liverpool, and Spurs, Southampton, City and Bournemouth batter their opponents like a pub worried about the quality of their food.

In other news we’ve got people moving to China voluntarily, Caulker and Austin moving to Liverpool and Southampton and nobody moving to Real or Atletico Madrid after they’re both found guilty of like, stealing teenagers or something. Allegedly.

As Florentino Perez once famously said, “I’m not a business man, I’m a business, man”.

Won’t be of much reassurance to Zinedine Zidane.

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Author: The PA Team

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