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Aubameyang Suspended by Dortmund for Champions League Clash For Bizarre Reason


Borussia Dortmund triumphed by a scoreline of 1-0 against Sporting Lisbon on Wednesday night, but that was no thanks to star striker Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang who had been suspended for the game by the club. The reasons for which have only recently come to light and they are, frankly, bizarre.

Clubs often suspend their players for medical or disciplinary reasons but we’re unsure what category to put Aubameyang’s ‘offence’ in. It turns out that the Gabonese striker was not allowed to play because he was not present in Germany on Tuesday, the day before the game.

BVB impose a strict rule on all their players that they must be present in Germany for the entire day before all of their games. Aubameyang was in breach of this as he went to Milan on Monday and only arrived back to Germany on Tuesday, thus not being present in the country for the entire day.

Scratching below the surface and the decision of Dortmund head coach Thomas Tuchel seems even more unreasonable. Aubameyang had requested the time to fly to Milan for a family member’s birthday but Tuchel denied him. Aubameyang flew regardless, and has the Instagram picture to prove it, as posted by a close friend.

There’s likely few players at other clubs that can learn anything from the French born forward’s experience given the peculiarity of the rule in question, although Aubameyang himself will certainly have to think twice when eyeing up a cheeky Ryanair European getaway.

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Author: The PA Team

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